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in Data Creation and Annotation

Oblangata Consulting specializes in providing crucial data generation and data labeling services for esteemed companies worldwide, enabling them to harness the power of AI and machine learning with high-quality datasets essential for their success.

Speech Data

Spoken language for tasks like speech recognition, natural language processing, and voice assistants.

Image Data

Digital images for various applications like computer vision, object detection, image classification, and deep learning algorithms.

Video Data

Visual content captured in motion, providing a rich source of information for applications such as video analysis, action recognition, video surveillance, and video understanding, enabling the extraction of meaningful insights from temporal and spatial patterns.

Text Data

Articles, documents, emails, or social media posts, which can be leveraged for natural language processing, sentiment analysis, text classification, and language modeling tasks, facilitating the extraction of valuable insights and understanding of textual information.

Data Annotation

Oblangata Consulting provides data annotation services with a meticulous approach to labeling and tagging collected data.

Text Annotation

Oblangata Consulting specializes in offering top-notch text annotation services, ensuring accurate and comprehensive labeling of various elements within textual data to empower machine learning applications with high-quality training data.

Image and Video Annotation

In addition to text annotation, Oblangata Consulting extends its expertise to encompass image and video annotation services, employing advanced techniques to annotate and categorize visual content, enabling the development of robust computer vision models and applications.

Audio Transcription

Oblangata Consulting excels in providing reliable audio transcription services, leveraging cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals to accurately transcribe audio files into written text, facilitating efficient data analysis and accessibility for a wide range of applications.

Industries We Serve



Collecting and annotating product data for accurate cataloging and enhanced customer experiences.



Collecting and annotating medical records, diagnostic images, and patient data for improved healthcare analysis and decision-making.



Collecting and annotating data for autonomous driving, including object recognition, road sign identification, and pedestrian detection.



Collecting and annotating data for visual search, inventory management, and personalized recommendations.



Collecting and annotating financial data for risk assessment, fraud detection, and sentiment analysis.


Media and Entertainment

Collecting and annotating content for video indexing, speech recognition, and content recommendation systems.


Virtual Assistants

Collecting and annotating data for natural language understanding and speech recognition in virtual assistant applications.


Social Media

Collecting and annotating data for sentiment analysis, topic classification, and social network analysis.



Collecting and annotating data for game testing, virtual reality, and augmented reality applications.

Our Solutions

Data Collection

Oblangata Consulting specializes in data creation, providing innovative solutions to generate high-quality datasets for AI and machine learning applications.

Computer Vision

Oblangata Consulting's core expertise lies in computer vision, offering comprehensive solutions to enable AI models to understand and interpret visual data with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

Natural Language Processing

Oblangata Consulting excels in natural language processing, providing advanced solutions that empower AI models to comprehend and analyze human language with precision, enabling applications such as sentiment analysis, language translation, and text classification.

Let's Get Started

Oblangata Consulting offers valuable assistance to AI/ML companies by providing expert data sourcing and annotation services.

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