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About Us

Oblangata Consulting is a prominent data collection and annotation company based in Bangalore, India. With its headquarters in the tech hub of the country, Oblangata Consulting is at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions for AI and machine learning projects. Our expertise lies in systematic data collection from various sources, such as images, videos, audio recordings, and textual content, ensuring the relevance and accuracy of the acquired data. Moreover, we excel in meticulous data annotation, precisely labeling and tagging collected data to provide meaningful context and structure for AI model training. Oblangata Consulting's location in Bangalore, known for its vibrant tech ecosystem, enables them to attract top talent in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing, and data analysis. As a result, we are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of clients across industries, delivering high-quality, labeled datasets that empower businesses to develop innovative and intelligent AI solutions.

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Our Mission

Oblangata's mission is to revolutionize the world of AI and machine learning by delivering cutting-edge data collection, annotation, and analysis solutions that empower businesses to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence and drive transformative innovations across industries.

Recognition from Silicon India

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Oblangata: A Strategic Partner for OEMs, ESPs and IT companies

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Oblangata Consulting offers valuable assistance to AI/ML companies by providing expert data sourcing and annotation services.

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